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Arnica Heal, Relieve, Soothe

All About Arnica Oil: Heal, Relieve, Soothe

Posted in Carriers, Health, Safety on 07/31/19

A few years ago, a terrible forest fire raged through the mountains of Montana. Some of the Aromatics team were living in a cabin on that land, and the flames came terrifyingly close—within 100 yards of the cabin! The family was forced to evacuate to safety.

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how to tell if an EO is pure - thumbnail

How to Know if Your Essential Oils are Pure

Posted in Essential Oil, GC/MS, Safety on 07/25/19

What’s the best way to know if your essential oils are pure? Buy from transparent companies. When you’re using essential oils, safety has to come first. That holds true whether you’re a professional aromatherapist making therapeutic blends for clients, or you’re first learning how to diffuse essential oils in your home. Making sure your essential oils are 100% pure is a key aspect of safety. We love essential oils because...

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A Guide to Natural Bug Repellent with Essential Oils

Posted in Essential Oil, Health, Safety on 06/7/19

Learn all about how to repel insects naturally using essential oils! We love spending every last hazy, lazy moment of summer in the great outdoors . . . until a swarm of mosquitos sends us swatting and scrambling inside! When we need to send those pesky bugs a clear message they’re not invited to our party, we like to use essential oils to make natural bug repellent. This post will...

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6 Essential Oil Recipes for Men to Look and Feel Great

Posted in Uncategorized on 05/29/19

Use these amazing essential oils recipes for men to look and feel your best! At first, we were just going to use this post to share one of our favorite essential oil recipes for men, the Black Forest Solid Cologne. Then we decided to share a beard oil recipe, too. Then we remembered, we have a great DIY tattoo oil recipe and including that here felt like a natural next...

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DIY Natural Skin Care for Men: 3 Recipes for Healthy, Attractive Skin

Posted in Essential Oil on 05/21/19

Natural skin care for men that is easy, no-fuss, and healthy! This post teaches you how to make several natural skin care products for men you can use daily that don’t take a lot of time and go a long way toward maintaining the largest organ on your body: your skin. There’s no lotion or moisturizer on this list. No exfoliators or anti-aging blends. (We’ll share those recipes in others...

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Natural Skin Care: 3 Nourishing Recipes to Get You Started!

Posted in Essential Oil on 04/23/19

These 3 recipes will help get you started crafting your own natural skin care products! Some people spend years studying how to make natural skin care that offers nourishment and therapeutic benefits . . . with no harsh or chemical ingredients. We are here to help you create some of those high-quality, luxury recipes without the years of study, research, and practice. (We’ve done all of that for you!) In...

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Using Essential Oils for Allergies: 3 Easy Steps!

Posted in Essential Oil on 04/15/19

Using essential oils for allergies is a great natural way to alleviate allergy symptoms and prevent allergies! Before I started using essential oils for my allergies, springtime used to be hard for me. Even though spring in Montana is gorgeous, my allergies made it hard for me to enjoy this lovely season. I live in the woods, surrounded by gorgeous conifers . . . and also by all of those...

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7 Essential Oils for St. Patrick's Day Blog - Thumb copy

7 Essential Oils for St. Patrick's Day

Posted in Essential Oil on 03/12/19

We love using essential oils to enrich the spirit of all the various holidays, and with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we thought we would share some of our favorite green essential oils for St. Patrick's day and some recipes to help evoke the verdant beauty and enchanting splendor of the Emerald Isles, no matter where you are. Whether you enjoy the beautiful, virescent shamrocks, long to find...

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6 Essential Oil Recipes for Valentine's Day - Thumb

Essential Oil Recipes for Valentine's Day

Posted in Carriers, Essential Oil on 02/3/19

Whether you're looking for a romantic evening, hoping to attract love, or just wanting to treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC, these essential oil recipes for Valentine's Day can help open up the heart and mind and encourage greater, deeper love. After all, all you need is love… and essential oils. We hope these recipes will help you create the perfect atmosphere this Valentine’s Day (or any day of the...

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How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day Blog - Thumb

How to Use Essential Oils for Valentine's Day

Posted in Essential Oil on 02/2/19

We've created a list of 8 of our favorite ways to use essential oils for Valentine's Day. In our previous blog we highlighted 12 Essential Oils for Valentine's Day, here are a few ways to use those love-igniting essential oils to help set the mood for a romantic night or to pamper your beloved and/or yourself: 1. In an Inhaler – Using essential oils in a personal inhaler allows you to...

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