holiday essential oils blog hero From the fresh scent of conifer trees to the tantalizing aroma of cinnamon and peppermint, what better way to add a little fun and magic to your holiday season than with a few of your favorite holiday essential oils! The sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season are an integral part of what makes this time of year so special. Whether you are adorning your home with decorations for Christmas or sacred herbs for Winter Solstice, there are so many creative ways to use essential oils for the holidays. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite essential oils to use and a few fun ways to use them. Perhaps a few of these ideas will become a part of your family’s holiday traditions!

Holiday Essential Oils

Since there are so many beautiful essential oils out there to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to know which ones are best. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve handpicked some of our favorite holiday essential oils just for you and grouped them into four categories for easy perusing. Evergreens: These invigorating oils help cleanse the air and the senses, open up the airways and promote clear breathing, ground the mind and spirit, and are so emotionally revitalizing. Their stunning, woodsy aroma will transport you to a wild, coniferous forest or take you back to times spent around the family Christmas tree! 1. Balsam Fir Oil Abies balsamea 2. Black Spruce Oil Picea mariana 3. Douglas Fir Oil Psuedotsuga menziesii 4. Juniper Berry Oil Juniperus communis 5. Larch Tamarack Oil Larix laricina 6. Norway Pine Oil Pinus resinosa 7. White Pine Oil Pinus strobus 8. White Spruce Oil Picea glauca Spices: These stimulating oils add warmth, boldness, and delectable spiciness to the holidays. They foster confidence, boost the immune system, aid digestion, and provide comfort. Their delicious, spicy, sweet aroma will have you dreaming of your favorite holiday goodies. 9. Cinnamon Bark Oil Cinnamomum zeylanicum 10. Cinnamon Leaf Oil Cinnamomum zeylanicum 11. Clove Bud Oil Eugenia caryophyllata 12. Ginger Oil Zingiber officinale 13. Nutmeg Oil Myristica fragrans 14. Tamala Oil Cinnamomum tamala ct linalool Sweet Tooth: These oils are so delightfully refreshing and uplifting. They awaken the senses, bring brightness and light, stimulate new ideas and creativity, and help reduce the presence of unwanted bacteria and viruses. Their sweet, refreshing, uplifting aromas are perfect for a myriad of holiday blends. Let your imagination go wild! 15. Orange (Sweet) Oil Citrus sinensis 16. Peppermint Oil Mentha x piperita 17. Mandarin (Green) Oil Citrus reticulata 18. Mandarin (Red) Oil Citrus reticulata 19. Spearmint Oil Mentha spicata 20. Wintergreen Oil Gaultheria fragrantissima Incense Oils: These oils strengthen and protect, usher in peace and tranquility, support reflection and introspection, and encourage healing in both the physical and emotional terrains. Their resinous, woody, beautiful, sacred aromas are prized all over the world and have a long, rich history in numerous cultures and religions, dating all the way back to ancient times. 21. Frankincense Oil Boswellia carterii 22. Myrrh Oil Commiphora myrrha 23. Opopanax Oil Commiphora guidottii 24. Sandalwood Oil Santalum album

How to Use Holiday Essential Oils

  • Diffuser: Diffusers are perfect for filling up an entire space or room with your favorite aromas. For a small diffuser, use 4-6 total drops of essential oils. For a large diffuser, use 8-10 drops. We like to make our diffuser recipes as “stock blends” and then add drops of that blend to our diffusers.
  • Inhaler: Inhalers are great for on-the-go use. You can take your favorite holiday aromas with you! Place 15-18 drops on a small cotton wick or 18-21 drops on a large cotton wick. (Only 5-12 drops for children!)
  • Add Scents to Winter & Holiday Decorations, Yule/Winter Solstice Offerings, Altars, & More: Add some extra pizzazz to your holiday décor and/or sacred ceremonies by adding a few drops of your favorite holiday essential oils or holiday diffuser blends to your decorations. We love using pinecones, wreaths, and other natural items, but you can also add realistic aromas to synthetic objects such as artificial Christmas trees. Now decorating as a family can be even more fun!
  • Room Sprays: Add a few drops of your favorite holiday essential oils to a hydrosol (or spray bottle filled with water) to make yourself a lovely, holiday-scented room spray that not only smells amazing but can help cleanse the air of unwanted bacteria and viruses, too! Remember to shake well before spritzing. You can also add Solubol to help disperse the oils in the water if preferred. Great for setting the mood in a gathering space or for freshening up areas, such as bathrooms.
  • Linen Sprays: Who wouldn’t enjoy having their linens smell like gingerbread or candy canes??? Just follow the same process as the room spray, but spritz directly on your linens. Just make sure you don’t choose and oil that may stain.
  • Diffuser Jewelry: Carry your favorite, therapeutic holiday scents around with you wherever you go. Makes great gifts, too!
  • Reed Diffusers: These little beauties are perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, offices, etc. Plus, no electricity required!
  • Soaps, Cleansers, & Lotions: Impress your family and guests with DIY holiday blend soaps, cleansers, and lotions. A revitalizing hand cleanser that smells like a crisp, invigorating walk in the woods or a scrumptious candy cane lotion? Yes, please!
  • Gifts: Holiday essential oils make great gifts! Be sure to check out our holiday gift guide and gift bundles. Don’t wait too long, though. They’re only here for a limited time!
We encourage you to get creative and have fun using essential oils to enhance your holiday experience. Be sure to check the safety info on your oils to ensure there are no contraindications for medications, allergies, etc. And don’t forget to be careful around the kiddos, too! For more information on using essential oils around children, check out our blog, Essential Oils and Kids: What You Need to Know. We hope we’ve inspired you to add a little magic to your holiday season with these remarkable essential oils that are perfect for the holidays. To get you started, we’ve included a few recipes using our favorite holiday essential oils. Enjoy and happy holidays from the Aromatics International family!

Holiday Essential Oils – Recipes

1. Christmas Tree Aroma Blend

Ingredients:holiday essential oils recipe Christmas tree aroma Directions:
  1. Add 2 oz of water, alcohol or hydrosol to an empty 2 oz PET bottle w/spray cap.
  2. Add the essential oils to the bottle.
  3. Cut the spray stem to the appropriate length (typically remove around 1/2″)
  4. Add the spray cap to the bottle and roll the bottle gently to blend.
  5. Enjoy!

2. Foaming Peppermint & Eucalyptus Soap

Ingredients:holiday essential oils recipe foaming peppermint and eucalyptus soap Directions:
  1. Add 5 oz of castile soap to an empty 8 oz PET Bottle (250 ml) with a foamer cap or a soap dispensing bottle.
  2. Add 3 oz of water to the bottle containing the castile soap.
  3. Add the essential oils to the castile soap/water mixture.
  4. Add the foamer cap to the PET Bottle.
  5. Gently roll the bottle to disperse the essential oils through the castile soap.

3. Diffuser Holiday Blend

Ingredients:holiday essential oils recipe diffuser holiday blend Directions:
  1. Add the essential oil drops to an empty 5ml glass bottle with orifice reducer (to use as a stock blend).
  2. Roll the bottle gently to blend the essential oils.
  3. Add 5-10 drops of the stock blend to your diffuser.
  4. Bask in the comforting aroma.

4. Adrenal Travel Support

Ingredients:holiday essential oils recipe adrenal travel support Directions:
  1. Add 2 oz of unscented lotion to an empty 2 oz glass jar.
  2. Drop the essential oils into the lotion.
  3. Using a glass stir rod, or another blending tool, mix the essential oils and lotion together until blended.
  4. Apply to lower back several times daily as needed.

5. Healthy Holidays Diffuser Blend

Ingredients:holiday essential ois recipe healthy holidays diffuser blend Directions:
  1. Combine the essential oils in a 5ml amber bottle.
  2. Shake bottle gently to blend.
  3. Put a few drops of the blend in your diffuser or on the bottom of your shower.
Note: Not for skin application.  

6. Conifer Tree Holiday Blend

Ingredients:holiday essential oils recipe conifer tree holiday blend Directions:
  1. Add essential oils to a 5 ml stock bottle.
  2. Use this blend for many creative ideas such as:
  • Sprinkle drops onto pinecones as a centerpiece.
  • Sprinkle drops onto dried clay or other pottery pieces that will absorb the oil.
  • Sprinkle drops onto ornaments or a tree apron.
  • Use 10 drops in a diffuser for a beautiful air cleansing experience and export yourself into a forest walk.
  • Add citrus and/or spice oils to the stock blend. For instance, 5 drops of the conifer blend, 5 drops of citrus oils, and 3 drops of your favorite spice oils.

7. Diffuser Winter Blend

Ingredients:holiday essential oils recipe diffuser winter blend Directions:
  1. Fill the diffuser of your choice with water (most diffusers have a water fill line – fill to the appropriate level).
  2. Drop the essential oils into the diffuser.
  3. Enjoy!