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Essential Oils for Back to School

Posted in Childcare, Essential Oil, Health, Safety on 08/28/18

Essential oils are so helpful for school-aged children, as well as students of any age! From helping children avoid or overcome illnesses which often run rampant during the school year, to helping them overcome anxiety and stress at the start of the new school year, essential oils can truly come in handy to make back to school not only easier but a lot more enjoyable!

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Our 4 Favorite Back-to-School Essential Oil Recipes and Tips

Our 4 Favorite Back-to-School Essential Oil Recipes and Tips

Posted in Childcare, Essential Oil, Health, Hydrosol on 08/25/17

Back-to-school season means setting an alarm and getting a good night's rest! A new sleep pattern can take up to six weeks to acclimate to, and after staying up late all summer long, it may be difficult to get back into the routine. Good rest is so important, and studies show that one more hour of sleep nightly can greatly improve concentration and performance while in school.   Back-to-School Recipes...

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Babies, Mastitis & Thrush

Posted in Childcare, Health, Safety on 05/12/11

  Babies are a precious gift to us and bring such joy. Along with the joy comes a lack of sleep and sometimes issues with breastfeeding. My niece Misty and I worked together to bring about natural healing for her issues with Mastitis and Thrush. Here is her story and hopefully it will be of help with someone you might know. Misty is the mother of two beautiful children. She...

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