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Back Country Survival in Style - 1024x1024

Back Country Survival in Style

Posted in Carriers, Essential Oil, Hydrosol on 07/15/10

  This past weekend we went on a four-day horse pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness area of Montana called the "Danaher". We covered about 45 miles. Essential Oil Bottles Not wanting to be parted with my essential oils for this length of time, I assembled a "Back Country Survival Kit". This kit includes: Mosquito repellent Allergy - Inhaler Pain & deep bruising relief Sore Muscle blend Sleep and Restless...

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New Essential Oil For the Rose Lover- Rose and Geranium Oil - 1024x1024

New Essential Oil For the Rose Lover: Rose and Geranium Oil

Posted in Essential Oil on 06/15/10

  This is a beautiful essential oil derived from the co-distillation of Rose Otto (Rosa x damascena) and Geranium ( Pelargonium x asperum). Rose and Geranium (Rosa x damascena/pelargonium x asperum) Essential Oil The delicate Rose petals from Belgium are unsprayed and the Geranium from South Africa is organic. This rare combination has all the qualities of both the soft and intriguing Rose and the slightly woody and uplifting Geranium. Co-distilled means that they take...

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Essential Oil Safety- A Brief Refresher - 1024x1024

Essential Oil Safety: A Brief Refresher

Posted in Essential Oil, GC/MS, Safety on 06/7/10

  As suppliers of essential oils, we are dedicated to knowing exactly what we are buying and selling. Testing every batch of oil we purchase with GC/MS technology assures purity and the gives us the exact chemistry of each oil. We believe this process is vital for medicinal blending and for quality assurance. Essential Oil Safety: A Brief Refresher In order to ensure the safe use of essential oils, please...

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Blending Basics - 1024x1024

Blending Basics

Posted in Essential Oil on 06/3/10

  If you're new to essential oils or are an experienced vet looking for inspiration, below are some essential oil blending basics to incorporate into your aromatherapy practice today! Essential Oil Blending Using Essential Oils in a Bath - Salts: Add the essential oils to a bath salt. (Pink Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salts are nice.) Add 8-10 drops total of your favorite essential oil to each ounce of salt. Use 1 tablespoon...

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Blog-Essential Oil Aromas Learn the Lingo - Original

Essential Oil Aromas: Learn the Lingo

Posted in Essential Oil on 06/1/10

  Do you need help understanding the various notes that contribute to the wonderful aroma of your favorite essential oil? Read on to learn all about them! Essential Oil Aromas Top Note: The first smell to arise from a blend and evaporate quickly. The top note fragrance is usually light, fresh, sharp, penetrating, and airy. They add brightness to a blend. The aroma of top note oils reminds me of...

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