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Diffusing Seasonal Affective Disorder (Joy in January Project)

Posted in Essential Oil, Health on 01/16/12

  SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) seems to appear with the coming of Fall and eases off as Spring appears, especially in the Northern climates affecting more women than men. Studies show SAD can be caused by a decrease in sunlight affecting levels of the hormone, Seratonin, responsible in helping us maintain a feeling of well-being. While there are other possible causes, we feel less energetic, depressed and catching more colds...

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Cold & Flu Recipes

Cold & Flu Recipes

Posted in Essential Oil, Health on 11/14/11

  We are so excited to announce a new newsletter coming your way. We plan to share all kinds of information. Please email us if you have any subjects you would like us to cover and forward this newsletter to your friends as we are building our email list and appreciate your help! Thanks so much for all your support. Rosa centifolia We are continuing to work closely with our distillers and importing great...

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Babies, Mastitis & Thrush

Posted in Childcare, Health, Safety on 05/12/11

  Babies are a precious gift to us and bring such joy. Along with the joy comes a lack of sleep and sometimes issues with breastfeeding. My niece Misty and I worked together to bring about natural healing for her issues with Mastitis and Thrush. Here is her story and hopefully it will be of help with someone you might know. Misty is the mother of two beautiful children. She...

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Breast Cancer, Essential oils and relaxation.

Posted in Essential Oil, Health on 11/8/10

  Breast cancer is a reality in many affluent countries. If you haven't experienced this disease, chances are you know someone who has. The statistics show that 1 in 8 women will encounter this health hazard. My first significant encounter was with my mother-in-law over 26 years ago. People, with good intentions, approached our family with numerous possible cures and suggestions. It was all overwhelming causing family tension. Roman Chamomile...

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