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2018 A Year in Review

Posted in Carriers, Essential Oil, Hydrosol on 12/31/18

2018 was an exciting year for Aromatics International!    The Sun Never Really Sets on the Aromatics Crop Thanks to you and your support, we were able to accomplish some truly exciting things here at Aromatics International during 2018. Just like our lavender field, we've been growing and blossoming and we have you, our incredible Aromatics community, to thank for it! Here are some of the amazing things that took...

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Blending Essential Oils Made Easy: The AromaNumber™ System

Posted in Essential Oil, Hydrosol, Safety on 10/1/18

The AromaNumber™ System Makes Blending Essential Oils Fun & Easy! Crafting your own blends is such a fun, empowering, and rewarding experience. Sometimes, however, knowing exactly which oils to reach for when creating blends for specific intentions or seeking equivalent substitutions can be a little intimidating. It can take years of experience blending essential oils before one feels comfortable enough to just grab the right oils without having to spend...

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What is Frankincense? A Closer Look

Posted in Essential Oil, Hydrosol on 09/18/18

Get to Know the Frankincense Family Chances are you have at least heard of frankincense. After all, frankincense resin has been treasured for thousands of years by numerous cultures and is even mentioned throughout popular religious texts. In ancient times, the precious substance was valued as much as gold and often associated with kings and royalty. Although frankincense isn’t worth quite as much now as it was back then, it...

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German Chamomile Hydrosol: A Closer Look

Posted in Health, Hydrosol, Safety on 09/7/18

German Chamomile Hydrosol: A Closer Look German Chamomile Hydrosol is one of our favorite products to reach for when one needs to calm and soothe irritation and inflammation. Profoundly comforting to body, mind, and spirit, the gentle but strong effect of the German Chamomile plant makes it one of the top choices for children and people with highly sensitive skin.  German chamomile is an herbaceous annual plant that grows in...

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Making Lavender Oil in the Rocky Mountains of Montana

Posted in Essential Oil, Hydrosol, Safety on 06/14/18

It is an understatement to say we love lavender oil. We search the globe for artisan distillers making lavender oil and hydrosol from Lavendula angustifolia plants. In our travels to and fro, in search of the best essential oils and natural aromatherapy products we can find, we have hundreds of conversations with distillers and producers, and when we meet a kindred spirit we come away feeling energized and blessed. The...

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What is a Hydrosol

What is a Hydrosol?

Posted in Hydrosol, Safety on 01/22/18

What is a Hydrosol? Simply put, hydrosol is the aromatic water that remains after steam-distilling botanical material. During essential oil distillation, pressurized steam passes through the plant product extracting the essential oils contained within the plant material. The steam and oil are condensed, the essential oil is decanted from the top of the oil/water mixture, and the water-based product left is hydrosol. Hydrosol contains trace amounts of essential oils, as...

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The Secret Joy of a Lavender Harvest

The Secret Joy of a Lavender Harvest

Posted in Essential Oil, Hydrosol on 11/1/17

  Exhilarating and fulfilling are some of the emotions I had while experiencing my first lavender harvest and distillation. With each plant already in full bloom, we hit the field with special serrated lavender sickles and gloves. After learning from the professionals how to properly cut the lavender, we began the work of harvesting the many varieties, each with their own unique therapeutic qualities and aroma. The experience was especially...

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Our 4 Favorite Back-to-School Essential Oil Recipes and Tips

Our 4 Favorite Back-to-School Essential Oil Recipes and Tips

Posted in Childcare, Essential Oil, Health, Hydrosol on 08/25/17

Back-to-school season means setting an alarm and getting a good night's rest! A new sleep pattern can take up to six weeks to acclimate to, and after staying up late all summer long, it may be difficult to get back into the routine. Good rest is so important, and studies show that one more hour of sleep nightly can greatly improve concentration and performance while in school.   Back-to-School Recipes...

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Blog-Practical Hydrosol Applications - Part 2 - Rose Geranium

Practical Hydrosol Applications - Part 2

Posted in Hydrosol on 07/10/12

Every day I am blessed by using hydrosols! While hydrosols can differ in their chemical properties from essential oils, they also have fantastic therapeutic value. With a milder aroma, hydrosols are potent, chemical combinations that are effective in assisting with various discomforts or conditions. There are two hydrosols I am particularly excited about right now: Rose Geranium Hydrosol and Lemon Thyme Hydrosol! I am continually using them for any major or minor skin related discomfort...

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Blog-Guest Blogger Special- Essential Oil & Hydrosol Treatments for Adult Acne-2

Guest Blogger Special: Essential Oil & Hydrosol Treatments for Adult Acne

Posted in Essential Oil, Health, Hydrosol on 02/29/12

  Our guest blogger, Jessica Elkins, is a licensed Esthetician and has been practicing for 11 years. She opened her own practice 5 years ago (2007) and operates out of a yoga studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jessica's interest in skin care started when she was handed a book on essential oils while traveling in Arizona. Ever since, she has been an enthusiastic student of botanical skin treatments and their...

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