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6 Essential Oil Recipes for Men to Look and Feel Great

Posted in Uncategorized on 05/29/19

Use these amazing essential oils recipes for men to look and feel your best! At first, we were just going to use this post to share one of our favorite essential oil recipes for men, the Black Forest Solid Cologne. Then we decided to share a beard oil recipe, too. Then we remembered, we have a great DIY tattoo oil recipe and including that here felt like a natural next...

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13 Essential Oils for Seasonal Affective Disorder Thumbnail

13 Essential Oils for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted in Essential Oil, Health, Uncategorized on 01/24/19

We Love Using Essential Oils for Seasonal Affective Disorder! For some, the shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures of the fall and winter seasons can cause feelings of depression and general malaise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Besides frequently feeling melancholy, symptoms of SAD can include: a depressed immune system, lethargy and low energy, sleeping problems, loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy, changes in appetite, weight gain,...

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