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Cold Flu Recipes

Rosa centifolia

We are continuing to work closely with our distillers and importing great oils. We are having so much fun importing, talking with distillers, pouring oils, and looking forward to a winter with stocked shelves to share with you…

New Products

  • Neroli Blossom Infused Jojoba Wax – The Neroli blossoms come from Egypt and a special absorbance process is used by our South African distiller with very low heat to infuse the Jojoba oil. It has a beautiful Neroli aroma.

Blog-Rose Otto Hydrosols-tinypngThe gentle floral, citrus aroma can be very soothing and calming to the nervous system and is considered an antidepressant, very helpful in reducing anxiety.


With a change of weather from summer – fall – winter we tend to experience more colds and flus. One of the best ways to ward off the flu is by a simple steam treatment and use of a personal inhaler.


Blog-Respiratory Support Steam Blend - Steam Pic

Steam Blend

Recipe: Respiratory Support Steam Blend

Directions: Make a stock blend of the essential oils and use as needed. Take the following blend and add 1 drop to a steaming bowl of water, cover your head with a towel for 10-15 minutes and breathe deeply. Make sure the steam isn’t too hot!


Blank Inhalers

Recipe: Sinus Support Inhaler Blend

Directions: Place the oils in a small bowl and add the cotton wick of a blank inhaler. Roll making sure all the oil is absorbed. Place in the inhaler tube and cap. Be sure and label your product with the name, oils, and date. Inhale deeply with each nostril as needed.

Watch Aromahead instructor Andrea Butje in this video – How to make an Inhaler. So easy!

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