Natural skin care for men
Natural skin care for men that is easy, no-fuss, and healthy!

This post teaches you how to make several natural skin care products for men you can use daily that don’t take a lot of time and go a long way toward maintaining the largest organ on your body: your skin.

There’s no lotion or moisturizer on this list. No exfoliators or anti-aging blends. (We’ll share those recipes in others posts, because they definitely have their place.)

This post is all about convenience, comfort, and health.

Not to mention, these 3 natural skin care products help you look groomed and smell great. (Why take extra steps for that?)

We’ll walk you through making:

  1. Citrus IPA Lip Balm (This stuff is awesome. We love it!)
  2. Frankincense Aftershave (This soothes abraded skin and reduces irritation.)
  3. Hard-Working Hand Salve (This helps heal small cuts and scrapes, and moisturizes dry skin.)

We’re only going to use all-natural ingredients in our skin care for men.

That’s important, because exposing your skin to chemicals or synthetics can actually cause irritation, or stir up issues like allergies.

Your skin care products should support your health, not challenge it.

So these DIY skin care products for men are 100% organic, sustainable, or wildcrafted.

The ingredients are raw, as unprocessed as possible, and full of rich fatty acids, vitamins, and natural plant-based components that help cells heal and even support immunity.

That’s a great thing about using aromatherapy—essential oils are “multi-purpose.” A single oil can have a variety of beneficial effects. For example, when you use your Hard-Working Hand Salve, you’re helping small cuts and scrapes heal faster, and you’re also reducing germs and moisturizing your hands. Your Citrus IPA Lip Balm can also help boost your immunity. Your Frankincense Aftershave reduces the risk of infection and calms irritation.

Citrus IPA Lip Balm (DIY Lip Balm for Men)

This is one of the top DIY natural skin care products men love from our site!

It’s made with essential oil of hops. At Aromatics, we have several varieties of hops essential oil.

One of our most popular essential oils for men is hops oil juicy fruitbomb. It has the rich aroma of a woodsy, hoppy IPA craft beer . . . with a touch of fruitiness.

This essential oil is distilled from five varieties of fresh hops flowers from the Northwestern region of the United States. We like to use it in recipes meant to reduce germs.

Sweet orange essential oil complements the hops oil like a slice of orange on a glass of ale. It smells and tastes great—and adds even more germ-reducing benefits to this DIY lip balm. (There’s a reason so many natural cleaning products are made with orange oil.)

We’ve included jojoba oil in this recipe because it is highly penetrating and contains powerful antioxidants, which means it moisturizes and heals deeply. It’s the perfect addition to this lip balm because it will keep your lips smooth, unchapped, and attractive for hours on end.

Citrus IPA Lip Balm Essential Oil Recipe
Our Citrus IPA Lip Balm recipe uses Wild Orange and Hops essential oils to create a moisturizing balm that tastes just like your favorite IPA!

Citrus IPA Lip Balm

You’ll need 12 lip balm tubes for this recipe.

If you want to avoid mess while pouring the melted balm into the tubes, we suggest using a lip balm tray. It holds the empty tubes up side by side, and catches any spills. (Trust us, the lip balm tube tray reduces so much mess!)

How To Make It

  1. Put a glass or Pyrex measuring cup into a pot that’s about 1/3 full of simmering water. The water will heat the measuring cup from the outside.
  2. Add the Beeswax to the Pyrex cup and put the burner on medium – enough for a simmer or low boil.
  3. Stir the Beeswax until almost melted.
  4. Add the Jojoba Oil, stir, and take off the heat as soon as it is melted.
  5. Drop the essential oils into the mixture and blend well.
  6. Stir and pour into the lip balm tubes. If the Pyrex lip is not thin enough for pouring into the tubes, you can also use a plastic pipette to siphon up the hot lip balm and squirt it into each tube. It takes longer this way but is more precise. If the lip balm starts to harden, place the Pyrex back into the hot water and it will stay liquid. Fill the tubes to the very top so once hardened, the top is smooth.
  7. As soon as the liquid has begun to harden (this happens within a few minutes), gently pull the lip tubes out from the bottom, cover and allow to harden a few hours before use.

What if . . .

Your DIY lip balm starts to harden before you have it all in the tubes?

Simply put your Pyrex back into the simmering water, and let it re-melt.

What if . . .

Pouring from your Pyrex measuring cup into your lip balm tubes is too messy?

You can use a plastic pipette (the kind you might remember from physics class.) It takes longer, but it’s a lot more precise . . . and an easier cleanup!

Frankincense Aftershave

Using some kind of aftershave lotion, oil, or spray is an important aspect of skin care for men, especially if you’re not using an electric shaver on your face.

You want to reduce the chances for infection in small cuts or irritated pores, and soothe abraded, irritated skin.

This DIY aftershave recipe includes several ingredients for men that accomplish that.

This recipe combines two varieties of Frankincense blended in a base of deep healing aloe vera gel to create an aftershave that will soothe and refresh your face.

Frankincense Aftershave Essential Oil Recipe
Our Frankincense Aftershave recipe combines nourishing and skin healing ingredients for an aftershave that is soothing and smells so good!

Frankincense Aftershave

*Be aware, the 4 oz. spray bottle will not be entirely full; this is due to the dilution of this blend. Try making 2 bottles worth, and combine into one – if you want a truly full bottle.

How to Make It

  1. Add 2 oz. of Frankincense Hydrosol to an empty 4 oz. PET Bottle with a spray cap.
  2. Combine 1 oz. of Aloe Vera Gel with the hydrosol.
  3. Drop in the essential oils and cap the bottle.
  4. Spray away!

To apply it, spray the aftershave directly onto your face. Gently massage your face to get the full benefit of the product.

Be sure to shake the bottle gently each time before you apply it. This will allow all the ingredients to blend thoroughly before you spray.

If you have sensitive skin, you might also want to keep a little bottle of hydrosol with you to use throughout the day. We like to use our Myrrh Hydrosol (Commiphora myrrha) as a facial spritz!

Use the hydrosol if your skin starts itching, if you feel overheated, or if you want to be sure you smell great without cologne.

Hard-Working Hand Salve

This salve is perfect for hard-working hands, because it’s pretty hard-working itself. It smells sharp and fresh, with heavy hints of pine.

Keeping a small jar of this hand salve in your bag, car, or desk means you’ll be able to apply it as needed to help heal small cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

It has lavender and helichrysum essential oil, which are a dynamic pair for caring for damaged skin.

In fact, helichrysum is such a powerful healer that we don’t recommend using it around puncture wounds. You don’t want a wound like that to seal up too quickly—punctures need to close up slowly (from the inside out) so there’s no chance of infection getting trapped under the skin.

The essential oils in this salve also reduce the risk of infection—especially the eucalyptus (which includes a natural component called 1,8 cineole, famous for calming infections) and ponderosa pine (which is a popular essential oil for men—and we also like to use in natural cleaning recipes because it’s so efficient at getting rid of germs).

Thanks to the beeswax, jojoba oil, and tamanu oil, this salve is great for torn cuticles and dry, cracked knuckles.

Hard-Working Hand Salve Essential Oil Recipe
This Hard-Working Hand Salve recipe makes a powerful salve that deeply heals cut or damaged skin.

Hard-Working Hand Salve

This recipe makes 2.25 oz of hand salve.

So you’ll need to use three 1 oz aluminum salve tins (although the salve tins won’t be completely full).

How To Make It

  1. Put a glass or Pyrex measuring cup into a pot that’s about ¼ full of simmering water. The water will heat the measuring cup from the outside.
  2. Melt the beeswax and jojoba oil together in the Pyrex.
  3. Add the tamanu oil and melt. When the blend is fully melted, remove it from heat.
  4. Add the essential oils and stir gently. You can use a glass stirring rod or the handle of a stainless steel spoon.
  5. Pour the melted salve into your PET jars or aluminum tins.

It won’t take long for the salve to be fully solid. And keep in mind that it will continue to firm up over the next 24 hours.

Keep it with you to use as needed.

If your hands don’t tend to get scraped up too often, this salve still makes a great germ-reducing moisturizer.

Before we wrap things up, we’d like to share . . .

Ten essential oils for men with earthy, woodsy, or spicy scents

Of course, you can use any essential oils you want.

It’s just been our experience that guys gravitate more towards aromas like these. So we thought we’d share some popular essential oils men tend to choose for themselves.

Some of these essential oils appeared in the recipes above. Others are showing up for the first time.

How should you use these?

We know we said we wouldn’t give you a moisturizer recipe in this post . . . but we’re going to suggest using some natural unscented lotion, and blending a total of 15 drops into it. (That’s not a recipe, right?)

You don’t have to add essential oil to your lotion at all—the unscented natural stuff is perfect, scent-free skin care for men. Essential oils are useful if you want a touch of scent in your skin care products, or if you’re trying to get a certain therapeutic effect (like boosting immunity or sore muscle relief—some of these oils are even great for repelling bugs).

You can also make your own cologne. Start with 1 oz of jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), and add a total of 18 drops of essential oil.

We suggest only putting in one drop of essential oil at a time. (That way when you take a whiff of your final product you’ll say, “Yeah, that’s nice.” Instead of, “What have I done . . . ?”)

Essential Oils for Men: Vetiver

This oil smells deep, earthy, and sweet. It’s a popular cologne all by itself. It’s compelling, relaxing, and releases tension.

Essential Oils for Men: Palo Santo

A rich, smoky, sweet aroma that’s become quite trendy.

Essential Oils for Men: Frankincense

Frankincense’s fresh, unique, balsamic scent makes it stand out. (A lot of men say this is their favorite essential oil of all!)

Essential Oils for Men: Patchouli

The essential oil’s scent is different than the incense you might be familiar with. It’s great for skin . . . and insects tend to hate it.

Essential Oils for Men: Myrrh

Another essential oil distilled from a resin (like frankincense), but this one has a deeper, resinous aroma. Oils distilled from resins are often used in natural skin care for men.

Essential Oils for Men: Orange Sweet

Adds a fresh, bright pop of citrus to any blend! It’s also useful for reducing inflammation and supporting immunity.

Essential Oils for Men: Clove Bud

One of the most popular essential oils for men! But be careful with this one, it’s strong—a single drop goes a long way.

Essential Oils for Men: Black Spruce

Fresh, woodsy, and pinaceous. Use it in a cologne and smell like you’ve been in the forest even if you’re stuck in the office all day.

Essential Oils for Men: Cypress

Another woodsy oil, with a slightly smokier scent than Black Spruce.

Essential Oils for Men: Peppermint

Fresh, bright, minty, and energizing! This is another strong oil. Make sure to add just one drop at a time to whatever product you’re making.

Guys don’t need a shelf full of fancy skin care products to have healthy, attractive skin.

Skin care for men can be summed up pretty simply: Make sure your lips don’t crack. Take care of your skin after you shave it. Keep your hands healthy and germ-free. If your skin feels dry and itchy, put some lotion on it.

Yes, there are other steps you can take—like conditioning your beard, getting rid of foot fungus (naturally), caring for tattoos—but those are topics for another post.

The natural DIY skin care for men you’ve learned here should set you up with everything you need for effective, no-fuss men’s skin care.

About the Author: Karen Williams

Karen Williams, our head aromatherapist and lead product sourcer.

Throughout her 35 years as a registered nurse, Karen Williams was passionate about using plant-based medicine to support health & well-being. After extensive study in the field of aromatherapy, Karen made a career transition to become the co-owner, lead product sourcer and head aromatherapist at Aromatics International. She loves sharing the benefits of essential oils and natural living with others – and is proud to work together with her grown children and a wonderful team to deliver the highest-quality organic and wildcrafted products directly to your door.