I am happy to introduce you to Sherran Blair, a budding Aromatherapist. Sherran is a passionate gardener and Flower Arranging Judge with Garden Club of America with a long involvement in The Herb Society of America. I love how Sherran has taken her knowledge and skills and has shared them with those in her circle of friends and business associates.

Flower Show

Sherran states, “I served as Co-Chair of the GCA Annual Meeting Flower Show 4/26/11 – 5/1/11 in Indianapolis and wanted to give the judges and other volunteers unique presents in appreciation of their working on the show.”

Sherran came up with an Anti-Stress Flower Show Blend since flower shows can be stressful. Sherran put this blend into colored blank inhalers and gave them as gifts to the volunteers and judges.

Her second inhaler was for a protective anti-infection upper respiratory blend especially effective when flying in planes, in crowds or sitting next to someone with a cold at dinner. Sherran states, “Everyone loved the uniqueness of the gifts; they were used, and people thought they were effective, too! Since I started using an anti-cold blend in January, I haven’t gotten sick after flying.”

Sherran’s choice of essential oils for her Anti-Stress Flower Show Blend included:




Sherran is also the President of First Community Bank in Columbus, OH and has brought in ultra-sonic diffusers to work to help keep everyone healthy (anti-cold/flu blend) and happy (lavender). What a great idea!!

Sherran completed the Aromatherapy Certification Course with Terese Miller in April and took the Essential Elements 2-day workshop on The Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils with her in January and the Blending 3-day Course with Andrea at Aromahead Institute in February.

This story inspired me, and I hope it inspires you too!

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