In an effort to make our collection of essential oils accessible to a wider audience, the team here at Aromatics International has organized our oils into 8 categories: Balance, Breathe, Relieve, Purify, Digest, Ease, Complexion, and Circulate.

While so many given oils from our collection can be good for a variety of applications, sometimes it can be reassuring to have a starting point. Meeting a new essential oil is very much like meeting a new friend for the first time! In that initial conversation, you may find out where they live, what they do for fun and a few other interesting things about him or her. And while there is so much more to learn about a new friend, this opening conversation can provide a good starting point for building a deeper, more meaningful relationship. This is how our team here at Aromatics views these groupings of essential oils – as an introduction!Grouping Essential Oils

Cedarwood is found in category 3: Relieve


I know when I first started working with essential oils, I was awestruck walking around the cold room here at Aromatics International. Our cold room is filled with liters and liters of organically crafted essential oil, imported from over 60 different counties, and distilled with so much care. These incredible, gorgeous oils were just waiting for me to unlock their secrets. I could almost hear the whisperings. It was a striking and terrifying feeling. I didn’t want to waste or misuse even one drop of precious oil, especially after going on several sourcing trips and witnessing the absolute magic of distillation. I would have greatly appreciated this grouping system when starting on my path to becoming a certified aromatherapist!

This grouping system is meant as a basic introduction to a primary therapeutic use of an essential oil. Of course, going through a certification class and learning how to use essential oils effectively and safely is a MUST when looking to use essential oils therapeutically on yourself or others.

I just love how Andrea, founder of the Aromahead Institute, relates to essential oils. She is constantly deepening her relationship with these amazing characters in the story of aromatherapy, and so happy to share her abundance of knowledge! She is starting a new, ongoing series called “Essential Oil Spotlights”. These Spotlights are essential oil profiles with a twist – they include memorable stories and anecdotes that make it easy to relate with the oils and to know which one to reach for when you’re blending. And of course, each Spotlight will include plenty of recipes! If you would like to head over to the Aromahead Blog and read more about this new series, click HERE!

Andrea and many other wonderful instructors in the field of aromatherapy make the task of learning about aromatherapy and essential oils satisfying, rich, and so fun! If you have an opportunity to study with Aromahead, or another qualified individual, you should absolutely do it!

And, regardless of where you are at in your personal aromatherapy journey, we hope you find these groupings useful!



(1) Balance


(2) Breathe


(3) Relieve


(4) Purify


(5) Digest


(6) Ease


(7) Complexion


(8) Circulate

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