Spring is in the air! And, along with sunshine, fresh budding flowers, young burgeoning blades of green grass, and the heartwarming laughter of children racing around the neighborhood, pollen, and potential irritants are also floating around in our surroundings. Often when customers call or email, seasonality is the initiating conversation starter about essential oils and the fantastic benefit they are able to bring to holistic living! Essential oils are so incredible when it comes to supporting relief from colds, allergies, and other seasonal ailments!

High altitude Montana Lavender

When we are sourcing essential oils from all around the world, we approach this challenge in a similar way that a chef would approach selecting high quality, farm to table ingredients for his or her kitchen. A sun-ripened, organically grown tomato, picked fresh from the vine is simply going to taste better and provide more robust nutritional value than a conventional store-bought tomato. High-quality ingredients make all the difference in the world, both in cooking and in crafting safe, effective essential oil blends for therapeutic use!

When we go on a sourcing trip and meet with essential oil producers, we are very intentional about this process and selective about the relationships we choose to foster and develop. And, when we find incredible people doing incredible things, we do everything in our power to support them and their efforts! Without these inspired distillers and producers, aromatherapy would not be what it is today!

So, what do we look for in a high-quality essential oil or other aromatherapy product such as carrier oils, hydrosols, butters, salts, and clays?! We coined our approach the AROMATICS approach and are so excited to share it with you!

Aromatically enchanting.

We only source products that captivate the aromatic senses. As with anything that is alive and derived from organically grown plant material, quality almost always first presents itself in the form of transcendent aroma. If you were to curate a line-up of a hundred different vials of organically grown lavender essential oil, from distillers all around the globe, there would most definitely be a select few that naturally leap to the forefront, revealing their aromatic splendor. And, it is a truly thrilling experience to encounter an oil that is so richly pitch perfect in terms of aromatic profile. Sometimes we find a distiller or producer crafting at this caliber right away, and other times it takes years and years to identify a partner to work with. The moment we make this initial breathtaking introduction, we immediately and enthusiastically begin to explore the viability of sourcing this product in earnest!

Responsibly sourced.

We have the highest regard for our distillers and producers. To craft a superior product takes time, immense knowledge, continual dedication, an open heart, and pure passion. Aromatherapy would not be what it is today without these incredibly important individuals. Truly talented distillers and producers are also artists and scientists, and, always sustainability and community minded.

The process of crafting beautiful essential oils begins in fields, hills, plains, mountains, and forests of the healthiest plants and trees, grown sustainably, and harvested responsibly. Often, and when possible, our distillers and producers will partner with local farmers in growing the organically grown plant material needed for distillation – and this is often a game changer in many communities where economic stability is uncertain.

In addition to responsible cultivation, many distillers and producers also work with local community members when wildcrafting plant material. Wildcrafting is such an intimate and beautiful way of obtaining plant material from nature and must be done intentionally, ethically, and responsibly in order to honor the natural world and preserve it for future generations.

It is important to be assured that the organically crafted essential oils you choose for your practice of aromatherapy come from sources who are passionate about the integrity of organically crafted essential oils, dedicated to producing a truly incredible finished product, and sustainability minded every step of the way. Responsibly sourcing from distillers and producers who share in this vision is a fundamental part of our Aromatics Approach and something we will always be fervently supporting.


Lemongrass Rhodinol, India

Opportunity minded.

We believe that connecting dedicated, creative individuals who are passionate about high quality essential oils and aromatherapy products, can only help the field of aromatherapy further blossom in the most beautiful of ways! We have created a Partnership Program and are working on rolling out an Ambassadors Program, in order to highlight and then connect like-minded individuals in our aromatherapy community in order to help incredibly talented people meet other incredibly talented people! This is a win – win for all of us!

Mindful blending.

We have such a deep reverence for the process of crafting essential oils, and dearly understand that it takes a large quantity of high quality plant material to create high quality essential oil. So, with this always in mind, we like to encourage everyone to take a conservative approach and use as little oil as possible to achieve the intention of a blend or aromatherapy product. Of course, we love using essential oils and want you to also love the experience of using essential oils and aromatherapy products! Our Aromatics Approach, when it comes to mindful blending, is that quality essential oils are alive, precious resources that must be cared for properly, protected diligently and preserved intentionally.


We are here for you! Please reach out to us via phone, email, or on social media if you have questions or concerns about our products or aromatherapy in general. We are so honored to be a part of your aromatic journey and seek to support you every step of the way!

Therapeutic quality.

Therapeutic quality is a term we created to encompass all the things we feel are important when sourcing and distributing organically crafted essential oils and aromatherapy products. Our organically crafted essential oils are of the highest caliber and are ideal for therapeutic use. We coined the term Therapeutic Quality in order to convey, in one concise phrase, that our products are:

  • Aromatically enchanting. We only source products that captivate the aromatic senses. As with anything that is alive and derived from organically grown plant material, quality almost always first presents itself in the form of transcendent aroma. Our essential oils are rich, bright, complex, full bodied, and we know you will love them!
  • Organic. Our essential oils are as natural and pure as essential oils can be. All our distillers and producers meet the requirements of organic certification, although some either cannot afford to go through the process, or this process is not yet available in that particular region of the world. So, even though some of our essential oils are not certified organic, they certainly meet the requirements. On our website, we make sure to state whether an oil is organically wildcrafted, organically grown, or certified organic, for your convenience and peace of mind.
  • Responsibly sourced. We personally know our distillers and producers and have cultivated wonderful relationships with these talented individuals over time. We are confident in their crafting philosophies and know they are dedicated to sustainability and creating a beautiful finished product that is responsibly crafted!
  • GC/MS tested. Each new batch of organically crafted essential oil is rigorously GC/MS tested, by a third party chemist. Gas Chromatography (GC) is a method of separating the volatile compounds in essential oils into individual components and produces a linear graph that charts these components. Mass Spectrometry (MS) identifies each of these components and their percentages. This process is used to identify adulteration and assure purity. Every GC/MS report for each corresponding batch of essential oil is available on our website in a reader friendly format.

Our incredible team is intentional about detail and quality control every step of the way. From receiving a shipment from a distiller or producer to pouring, packaging, and then shipping to you, we are always seeking to curate a wonderful customer experience!

Community oriented.

The world of aromatherapy is growing every day! At Aromatics International we believe in engaging and making a positive impact in our local, national, and global community. We are all connected through our love of essential oils and aromatherapy! We love engaging with the world of aromatherapy in person, online, and all across the globe! We feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible world of intoxicating, healing aroma.


Patchouli Seychellis

Safety first.

Our Aromatics Approach concerning essential oil safety is to closely and carefully follow the advice of researchers and leading experts in the field of aromatherapy. Safety and education go hand in hand. The more you know about the safe use of essential oils, the more you will enjoy your experience working with oils and avoid any possible negative effect. For specific safety information, please visit each product description page on our website. We also recommend deepening your knowledge of essential oil safety by studying with a qualified instructor, as well as becoming a member of AIA and NAHA. We encourage all our customers to consider becoming certified aromatherapists! Safety is everything and becoming more and more informed is not only fun and incredibly interesting, but important and crucial to a good long term experience with aromatherapy!

We feel so blessed to be able to provide the essential oils and aromatherapy products that we use and love to you, our favorite customers!

Questions or comments?! Please email us at: team@aromatics.com!